Presentation at BolognaFiere: Authorization procedures and incentives for green hydrogen and biomethane production

Attorney Daniele Salvi participated on October 12, 2023 in the event held at BolognaFiere as a speaker, as part of the LAW & INSURANCE HUB.

Biomethane is a gaseous fuel capable of providing energy for different uses: from feeding into the gas distribution network for industrial purposes or heating supply, to powering traction vehicles, becoming in the latter case a so-called biofuel. Our country is banking heavily on this technology, which, for the transportation sector, can be an alternative to electric propulsion. For the development of plants for biomethane production, funding is provided, through the resources made available by the PNRR, and incentives. The permitting regime for biomethane production plants has been simplified, including the identification of areas suitable for the construction of new poles of production. There are therefore numerous possibilities for the development of new investments in the sector, although there still remain bureaucratic and technical “stakes,” in terms of authorization and management of plants and access to incentives, which are not negligible and must be carefully considered.

We publish below the slides presented at the event.