M&A, Venture Capital and Private Equity

M&A, Venture Capital and Private Equity

Innovative startups and SMEs. Specific Italian regulations D.L. 179/2012 and D.L. 3/2015 figured the Innovative start-ups as new “corporate structures” and granted to these structures special tax credits and to be free from many limits set up by ordinary rules of company law (e.g. the possibility of i quotas with special rights, even in derogation from the rules of the law, or adopting work-for equity or stock option plans, or specials and simplified participatory financial instruments).

We assist investment companies (including funds and SGR) innovative startups and SMEs in the seed phase, early stage and early growth as well as in later stages. Leveraging the experience gained in some of the most important private equity transactions, we have focused on the venture capital sector in the belief that this is an area in which the Italian reality present the greatest margins of growth.

Acquisitions. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we have an in-depth expertise in the management of M&A operations that allows us to assist our customers in a specific and personalized way different for any specific case. The firm is active both in national and transnational deals with a special focus on efficiency and respect for the timing.

We support our customers in such operations from the pre-negotiation phase, through the drafting of letters of intent and the negotiation phases, until the preparation of QPA (quota purchase agreement), SPA (share purchase agreement) or sale of business agreement, carefully defining the Representations&Warranties and the conditions precedents to Closing, on the basis of the needs of the particular client e in a cooperative approach with the counterparty. Finally, we assist our clients during the phases that take place in front of the notary, attending the meeting with such professionals.


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M&A, Venture Capital and Private Equity

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