Litigation is often an impediment to the business of companies and individuals, as it can lead to problematic situations. Whatever the economic value, it entails an expense of money for clients and a waste of working energy that is subtracted from the productive activity.

It is therefore important to set-up a defense strategy that understands the picture of risks, costs and timing.

We support clients before Administrative, Civil and Tax Tribunals and the Water Tribunal.

We also render our services to the clients for:

  • disputes before the civil courts and arbitration courts concerning the supply of industrial equipment and/or the maintenance of industrial plants;
  • disputes before the civil courts concerning corporate and civil conflicts between companies or involving individuals, including strategic advice aimed at providing the client with the best legal solution;
  • disputes before all the administrative courts for the obtainment of licence and permits or for right to obtain incentives or premium tariffs;
  • disputes before the tax, civil and administrative courts concerning tax credits, tax deductions, as well as taxes for the use of public land.


Assistance to Industrial Companies

M&A, Venture Capital and Private Equity

Environment and public services