Environment and public services

Environment and public services

The firm has gained an important experience in the environmental field with the development of projects and the management of regulatory issues and related disputes.

Among the services offered we render:

  • legal assistance in remediation procedures also at sites of national interest, both in terms of regulatory aspects and contractual and liability aspects;
  • development of projects for waste disposal and recovery facilities both for the contractual arrangements and for all the regulatory implications, including any litigation before administrative and criminal jurisdiction;
  • advise on all the regulatory issues related to the management, storage and disposal of special wastes;
  • advise on tariffs in water, waste and public service sector;
  • advise on conciliation procedures with individual customers;
  • draft of agreements for public service concessions and project development with the project finance technique;
  • construction of infrastructures in the water and waste sector and obtainment of financing.



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Environment and public services